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Social Responsibility Company - Regra3 Social


Regra3 Social  - Social Responsibility Company in Brazil -

Founder, Web Site designer and Communications Management 


Regra3 is a Social Responsibility company specialized in uniting the three main pillars of Brazilian structure, public, private, and the third sector. Our mission is concrete social transformation investing in transparent, continuous projects, policies, and actions, with a higher purpose in a powerful social impact.


Mask for All Campaign - Recife was a voluntary project by Regra3 Social in Recife / Brazil to donate fabric masks to communities and groups at risk during the global crisis caused by the Covid-19. The initiative was a preventive measure against Covid-19 and its proliferation. Our race is against time, to reduce, within our possibilities, the number of cases of the disease. The map in the end of the campaign page shows each city and community reached.The partners Karla Paes and Andrea Cantarelli earned an award "Brazil Citzenship" for the campaign results. 

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